HKE 제품

축적된 기술과 품질관리로 릴레이의 표준을 만들어갑니다.

  • HRS4F

    Miniature relay

    Dielectric strength of 2500V between coil and contacts

  • V6T

    Low profile, flat type relay

    Max.Switching capacity : 15A

  • CMA51

    Compact microminiature general purpose automotive relay

  • V6

    Low profile, flat type relay

    Tungstem lamp load : 10A 125VAC

  • CMA512

    Miniature automotive twin relay

  • HCP4

    Slim type, width 10.0mm

    Contact : 1 Form A, 1 Form C

  • HRM

    General purpose power relay

    TV-5 rating

  • CMA53/532

    Small and compact

  • F5

    Compact and small in size

    Max.Switching capacity : 20A

  • HRM1

    Gold 접점, 2pole Signal Relay

    Contact : 2 Form A, 2 Form C

  • CMA54/542

    Small and compact

  • F6

    Low profile, height 16mm

    Miniature relay with high switching contact capacity, 20A/250VAC and 25A/250VAC

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